Around the World Kid2Kid

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Around the World Kid2Kid (Kid2Kid) is global service learning afterschool program for children in grades K-6. Kid2Kid connects and unites children worldwide, enabling them to learn about, help, and support one another.

Goal / Mission

The overall goals of Kid2Kid are to: enable children to become responsible, caring world citizens by assisting them to develop compassion and empathy for other children around the world; increase students' global awareness and cultural understanding, while strengthening social studies and geography content knowledge; provide support, acknowledgement, encouragement and hope for traumatized children worldwide; encourage peace in the world, promote non-violence, and initiate pro-social behavior, among all children worldwide; facilitate an on-line culture learning process, whereby participating Kid2Kid children will learn about themselves and others around the world on a deep, meaningful level; and encourage and improve Kid2Kid children's artistic and communicative skills as well as provide an outlet for emotional expression.

Results / Accomplishments

This program leads to improved academic performance, greater self-esteem, a more sensitive world perspective, and an understanding of the child's power within the community. Proof is in the reactions of the children, their generosity, and the empathy and compassion that emanates from their letters.

About this Promising Practice

Primary Contact
Freema Hillman, Program Director
1581 LeRoy Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94708
(510) 644-1000
Social Environment / Social & Civic Involvement
Education / Student Performance K-12
International Child Resource Institute
Promising Practices in Afterschool
Date of implementation
Geographic Type
Oakland, CA
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