Communities and Schools for Career Success (CS2)

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Communities and Schools for Career Success (CS2) utilizes service learning in an afterschool program to promote civic involvement, academic achievement, and career exploration among high-risk students. Service learning is one key resource that we employ to improve academic achievement, connect learning more directly to the world of work, and engage students in community issues. Through counseling groups, cross-age tutoring, homework help, and community panels, students are provided age-appropriate information on depression, gender equity, HIV, volunteerism, diversity, safe dating, and career options.

Goal / Mission

The Communities and Schools for Career Success (CS2) partnership's goal is to increase academic achievement, civic engagement, and career awareness by reshaping the relationships between schools and the community.

Results / Accomplishments

A partnership between the City of Petaluma, Petaluma People Services Center, The Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Petaluma City Schools supports a Youth Employment Services Center, which provides a one-stop work-based learning connection for youth and employers. Over 700 students have been trained in job search and employment readiness. 91 working students whose grades were deficient have been supported through academic tutoring and personal support services provided through this office. Job shadowing, classroom career speakers and teacher job shadows are supported by this office as well.

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Communities and Schools for Career Success and Petaluma People Services Center
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Communities and Schools for Career Success and Petaluma People Services Center
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Oct 2004
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