Placer County (CA) Peer Court Truancy Program

A Good Idea


Students in Placer County high schools who have previously had difficulty with attendance but have corrected the problem serve on a panel that hears truancy citations issued by the high school. When a student is issued a citation, s/he appears before the peer truancy panel. The truancy panel may recommend community service, drug testing, tutoring, or other activities.

Goal / Mission

To reduce truancy in high school.

Results / Accomplishments

Truancy citations have declined each year. Mediations with teachers have assisted in reducing the tension between teachers and truant students.

About this Promising Practice

Primary Contact
Karen Green, Coordinator
Placer County Peer Court Truancy Program
671 Newcastle Road, Suite 7
Newcastle, CA 95658
(916) 663-9227
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Placer County Peer Court Truancy Program
National Dropout Prevention Center/Network
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Placer County, CA
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