KidzLit and KidzMath

An Effective Practice


KidzLit and KidzMath are out of school enrichment programs designed to teach reading and math skills while teaching social development skills to children. The programs use interactive storybooks and cooperative games to engage children in learning activities through reading, writing, art and drama.
The New York Life After-School Initiative provides free staff training, 20–50% discounted materials, and professional development resource kits for these programs.

Goal / Mission

These programs aim to improve both academic and interpersonal skills in elementary school aged children.

Results / Accomplishments

•Participants showed significant increases in the amount of reading overall.
•Among Spanish-speaking youth, significant increases from pre- to post-test in the proportion of correct words that were answered in English.
•Fourth-graders showed positive effects related to social/ethical attitudes and behaviors, including concern for others and altruistic behavior.

About this Promising Practice

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Hannah Portello-Swagel
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