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Mix It Up is a school-based program that provides the tools and resources needed to implement a social tolerance curriculum and related activities. The classroom curriculum consists of a year-long planner filled with project templates, lesson plans, and a timeline for implementation. One of the primary activities undertaken by participating schools is the Mix It Up at Lunch Day. On this day, students take a different seat in the lunchroom to meet new people. An additional component to the curriculum is Mix It Up Dialogues, in which students meet in small groups to discuss school social climate and the importance of reaching across boundaries.

Goal / Mission

Mix It Up seeks to create inclusive school communities by breaking down social barriers and conflicts that lead to bullying and violence.

Results / Accomplishments

In 2007, an estimated 4 million students in 10,00 schools participated in Mix It Up At Lunch Day.
*95% of respondents said Mix It Up at Lunch Day prompted students to interact with people outside of their normal social circles.
*92% of respondents said Mix It Up at Lunch Day increased awareness about social boundaries and divisions within school.
*83% of respondents said the event helped students make new friends.
*79% of respondents said as a result of the Day students have heightened sensitivity towards tolerance and social justice issues.
*78% of the respondents said as a result of the Day students seem more comfortable interacting with different kinds of people.

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