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Admission Possible is a program designed to assist motivated, low-income high school students prepare for and gain admission to college. The nonprofit organization provides participants with ACT and SAT test preparation, guidance in preparing college applications, assistance in obtaining financial resources, and support in transition to college. The program was founded in 2001 and is based on the belief that while colleges are interested in admitting low-income students, those students often lack the resources to effectively compete for admission. Admission Possible operates in high schools in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota and serves students from families with an income below the median for their city. The program primarily serves minority students and those who come from immigrant families. The program is funded through AmeriCorps grants, the William and Nadine McGuire Family Foundation, and private donations.

Goal / Mission

Admission Possible aims to assist low-income students enroll in a four-year college with the necessary financial support and to strengthen an ethic of service in the community.

Results / Accomplishments

As of 2008, Admission Possible has expanded to work with 15 schools serving 1,200 students. Of the 1,100 program alums 99% have been admitted to college, with a 95% enrollment rate. Nearly 80% of those that enrolled have either completed or are still working toward a degree, compared to 7% of all low-income students nationwide who earn a college degree by age 24. Students in the program have shown an average 20% improvement in ACT score, greater than the 12-14% advertised average increases of leading for-profit ACT improvement courses. Students show significant gains in knowledge in filling out high-quality college applications (from 20% pre-program to 94% post-program) and making sure they have the financial resources to attend college (from 28% to 93%). Participants also show a strong ethic of service to their community, with 84% having performed volunteer or community service work in the past year.

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