Little Kids Rock

A Good Idea


Little Kids Rock is a music program that offers music education to school children.The program provides weekly music education classes to K-12 students in public schools that have been stripped of their music programs. Little Kids Rock engages students by teaching them to play popular musical instruments. The program focuses on popular music styles that most students already listen to and enjoy. The program puts a heavy emphasis on skills such as composition, improvisation and recording; in addition, children get to record their own music, create CDs, and make their own music videos. The music program trains existing music teachers and since the instruments are all donated, the program can run at no cost to the school. Little Kids Rock can be offered within existing music classes or as after-school enrichment.

Goal / Mission

The goal of Little Kids Rock is to offer music education free of charge to students in grades K-12.

Results / Accomplishments

Since 2002, Little Kids Rock has been dedicated to putting music back in schools. The program provides students with free musical instruments and instruction. So far, the program has been implemented in over 1,200 schools in more than 23 cities nationwide.

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Little Kids Rock
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