Flex Your Power Case Study: Glenborough Realty Trust

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Glenborough Realty Trust initiated a company-wide energy management program in 2004 that has already achieved remarkable cost savings as well as national recognition from U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR program. Glenborough's corporate offices in San Mateo serve as a demonstration site for experiments with new building technologies and operational best practices. Various lighting controls, for example, have been tested in an attempt to maximize efficiency and optimize control. One test involves a stairwell fixture that incorporates both a low-wattage compact fluorescent light (CFL) and a 360-degree motion sensor with photometric technology. The stairwell fixture reduces energy-use by limiting run-time, yet ensures that building occupants can move through stairwells safely and securely. Once proven, new technologies are installed throughout Glenborough's other commercial properties across the country.

Goal / Mission

The goal of Glenborough's energy management program is to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs at Glenborough properties nationwide.

Results / Accomplishments

In 2004, the first year after initiating the program, Glenborough invested nearly $1 million on 19 separate Energy Management Related Projects (EMRP) that collectively achieved annual energy savings of approximately $125,000 or $0.039/SF. For these, Glenborough received about $100,000 in rebates. As a result of its investments, eleven of Glenborough's properties have earned the ENERGY STAR label, with more to follow.

Glenborough is expanding its energy management program for 2005. 33 EMRPs are underway, totaling $1,308,500 in energy efficiency investments that are expected to yield annual cost savings of $372,900. Rebates for these projects are expected to reach approximately $338,000, making payback on investment in less than three years.

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