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Social Skills In Pictures, Stories, and Songs, previously known as the Living with a Purpose: Self Determination Curriculum, is an early intervention, primary prevention program aimed at enhancing social emotional competence in children ages three to five, getting them for ready for school success. The intervention manual contains 22 lessons on following directions, problem solving, sharing, etc. Teachers deliver the program in the classroom setting using stories, songs, role-playing, visual aids, and other sensory modalities to teach and reinforce skills. The program is grounded in self-determinism theory, which stresses the importance of a child’s sense of autonomy and control over their environment.

Goal / Mission

The program’s goal is to help young children learn the social and emotional skills necessary for school readiness and success.

Results / Accomplishments

A quasi-experimental study was conducted with 53 preschool children enrolled in Head Start. Pre and post tests revealed that children experienced a statistically significant increase in adaptive skills, and a statistically significant decrease in problem behavior, inattention, and over-activity (P<.05). Trained teachers presented the curriculum in three-hour sessions, twice a week, for 12-14 weeks.

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