Foundations of Learning Project

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Foundations of Learning (FOL) was an early intervention demonstration project designed to improve child behavioral problems during the early preschool years. The intervention model was based on the lessons learned from Chicago School Readiness Project. FOL provided preschool teachers with training in effective classroom management strategies and weekly classroom consultation. Consultants were clinically trained professionals who provided mentorship to teachers and individualized support to the highest risk children. The program was implemented in three primary preschool venues in Newark, New Jersey: Head Start centers, community-based child care centers, and public schools.

Goal / Mission

The program's goal was to improve child behavioral problems during the early preschool years.

Results / Accomplishments

MDRC used random assignment to evaluate the FOL demonstration project in Newark, New Jersey. Twenty-six preschools were randomly assigned to receive the FOL intervention and 25 were assigned to the control group, a typical preschool classroom in Newark. During September through October 2007 and April through May 2008, independently trained observers evaluated classroom activities.

Based on observer rankings, teachers improved their ability to address children's behavior (P= .05) and to provide a positive climate in the classroom (P=0.05). In addition, teachers increased the quantity of instructional time (P=.05), and improved their management of classroom time (P=.10) and use of engaging teaching methods (P=0.1). Children decreased the quantity of conflicts with teachers (P=.01) and peers (P=.10) and an increased their level of overall classroom engagement (P=.10).

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