Flex Your Power Case Study: North Tahoe Public Utilities District (PUD)

An Effective Practice


When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) passed the Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule, which stated that surface water had to go through a filtration process, North Tahoe Public Utilities District (PUD) chose to install an ultraviolet (UV) treatment system for disinfecting its fresh-water supply. In designing the UV plant, North Tahoe PUD was mindful of the opportunities for water and energy efficiency. The utility also launched a public outreach effort to promote water conservation. North Tahoe PUD distributed literature published by American Water Works Association and provided tours/ field trips of its facility to elementary school students during Water Awareness Week in the spring.

Goal / Mission

The goal of this project was to provide a safe fresh-water supply in an efficient manner.

Results / Accomplishments

The UV disinfection plant was estimated to save $6,700/ year in power costs. The Leak Detection Program saved 819.6 GPM and $430,781,760.

About this Promising Practice

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Robert (Bob) Ruhberg, Operations Director
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North Tahoe Public Utilities District (PUD)
Flex Your Power Efficiency Partnership
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