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The College Track program is an afterschool, college preparatory program that has the objective of ensuring that each student participant is prepared for college. The program was founded in 1997 after the two founders realized that a comprehensive program to support low-income high school students to transition to college did not exist. Prior to College Track, organizations that served teens provided only limited service, focusing on one area, such as tutoring, or youth leadership, but did not take a comprehensive approach.

The program began working with 27 freshmen at Carlmont High School in Belmont, California and provided services in four core areas: Academic Affairs, Student Life, College Affairs, and College Success. Each of these programs has an established set of clearly-defined student goals and expectations that are mapped to higher education admission requirements.

The Academic Affairs portion of the program supports and encourages students to succeed in high school while preparing them for the rigors of college. Student Life provides students with the opportunities, resources, and tools to study and explore their passions. It also engage students in their communities through active civic participation.

The College Affairs portion of the program guides students in all aspects of the application process including help applying to scholarships, while College Success provides advising to college students about academics and financial aid.

Goal / Mission

College Track's goal is to transform low-income communities into places where college readiness and college graduation are the norms by providing direct service, community partnerships, and advocacy.

Results / Accomplishments

96% of College Track graduates were accepted to and 93% enrolled in a four-year college.

92% of the program graduates are attending or have graduated college.

Nearly 80% of College Track students will be first generation college students, and nearly 85% will be first generation college graduates.

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College Track
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Sep 1997
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Jun 2007
Oakland, CA
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