Avenues to Independence (ATI)

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Avenues to Independence (ATI) assists at-risk young adults aged 18-24 transition from adolescence into adulthood. Young adults who are homeless or who are marginally housed are given stable housing for up to two years through ATI. The majority of ATI participants enter the program with few job skills, little emotional support and a history of mental health or substance abuse problems; frequently, young adults come to ATI from emergency shelters or from the foster care system.

Residents of ATI live as any young adult would; they pay rent at the housing facility, they work or train for careers, and complete their educations by taking GED college courses. ATI meets the immediate needs of these at-risk young adults by providing stable housing and access to necessary medical services. Most importantly, the program provides tools so that participants become self-sufficient and able to secure a stable and independent living situation. Program participants gain and practice these tools through individual living skills sessions conducted at the 15-bed ATI center.

Goal / Mission

To provide shelter to homeless and at-risk young adults aged 18-24 as well as assistance to secure stable and independent living situations.

Results / Accomplishments

In 2009, ATI provided 1,589 individual independent living skills sessions to young adult and among youth who exited the program, 82% made a transition to stable housing.

About this Promising Practice

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Larkin Street Youth Services
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Larkin Street Youth Services
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Teens, Adults, Racial/Ethnic Minorities