Violence Intervention Program (VIP)

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The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) aims to protect and treat all victims of family violence and sexual assault in the Los Angeles area. Using three medical clinics, VIP provides both medical and mental health care in order to provide a complete continuum of care. Direct services include around-the-clock medical, forensic, and mental health support, as well as advocacy services. Resources and information are also made available for victims, caregivers, social workers, law enforcement officers, healthcare providers, and school officials. In addition, the Family Advocacy Center works with families, schools, and other community organizations in East Los Angeles on community outreach and education programs.

Goal / Mission

The mission of the Violence Intervention Program is to protect and treat all victims of family violence and sexual assault.

Results / Accomplishments

The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) helps approximately 20,000 victims of violence each year. The staff at the VIP perform 800 forensic exams each month. In addition, in 2010, 6,000 primary care visits and 1,000 initial mental health evaluations were conducted, and 500 hours of on-site volunteer tutoring and child care were provided.

About this Promising Practice

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1721 Griffin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90031
(323) 226-4588
Public Safety / Domestic Violence
Violence Intervention Program
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Los Angeles, CA
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Children, Teens, Adults, Women, Men, Elderly, Families

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