It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!

A Good Idea


The goal of "It's a Habit!" Company, Inc. (IAHC) is to teach financial literacy and other empowering life skills and habits to young children and their families. This program uses a children's character, Sammy the Rabbit, to deliver various messages to children about money and saving.

The company provides various books, CDs, and student and teacher handbooks to convey its messages. In addition, the creator of the children's character is available to make presentations in schools. IAHC believes in the importance of creating an entertaining and educational product, involving and engaging parents and educators, and emphasizing reading and writing. IAHC's two core messages are: (1) From every dollar save a dime and (2) Saving is a habit.

Goal / Mission

The goal of It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit! is to teach financial literacy and other life skills and habits to young children.

Results / Accomplishments

Since 2001, IAHC has made over 500 presentations in six countries and 30 states, reaching over 250,000 students.

From October 2006 to November 2008, IAHC made multiple presentations to 23 schools within a tri-county area in Maryland, reaching nearly 6,000 students and 350 teachers. Evaluations that were conducted with students pre- and post-assembly found increases in the understanding of the meaning of saving, greater acknowledgement that working towards a goal is sometimes difficult, and a greater belief that if saving begins at a young age it can become a habit.

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"It's a Habit!" Company, Inc.
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Apr 2010
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