Water for Health in Secondary Schools

An Effective Practice


In an effort to promote drinking water for general health, this school-based intervention sought to increase access to drinking water in select secondary schools in the UK. For a period of three months in early 2007, Anglian Water (a regional water company) installed water coolers that dispensed chilled tap water at schools. In addition, Anglian Water sold refillable bottles to the schools at a discount. These bottles were then distributed to the students or sold as a fundraiser.

Goal / Mission

In order to promote drinking water for general health, the goal of the program is to improve access to fresh drinking water for students in select schools in England.

Results / Accomplishments

Approximately 3300 students within three schools were interviewed before and after the intervention. As a result of the program, 83 percent of students said it was easier to find a free drink of water, 39 percent reported drinking more water (3.5 additional glasses per day), and nearly 70 percent claimed to use their refillable water bottles. Of the students who drank more water, they reported a decrease in feeling thirsty, an increase in feeling healthier, an increase in concentration, and an increase in performance of sports or physical education.

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