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The Lexington Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition implemented the VERB Summer Scorecard (VSS) Program in Lexington, Kentucky, as a local extension of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's national VERB campaign between 2004-2007. To attain VERB's goal of increasing and maintaining physical activity among youth ages 9 to 13 ("tweens"), VSS distributed scorecards that encouraged tweens to be active, have fun, master new skills, and explore new activities. The initiative offered free or reduced-price admission to local action-oriented games and events, such as 2-for-1 skating and free swimming at community pools, while the scorecards allowed youth to track their physical activity. When the participant had been active for at least 60 minutes, an adult stamped or signed one of the 24 squares included in the scorecard. After all the squares were filled, the participant could redeem prizes donated by local merchants and sponsor organizations.

Goal / Mission

To increase and maintain physical activity among tweens (youth ages 9-13).

Results / Accomplishments

Between 2004-2007, the percentage of VSS youth participating in vigorous physical activity 1 day or fewer per week significantly decreased from 24% to 10% (p<0.001). During the last two years of the intervention, 2006-2007, the percentage of VSS youth reporting high vigorous physical activity (6-7 days per week) significantly increased by 12.2 percentage points (p=0.002). Researchers also found that VSS participants were more likely to be active than tweens who had never heard of VSS.

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