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Labs 21 is a voluntary program that saves money at laboratories while improving our environment. Laboratories require tens of millions of dollars worth of energy to run and add tens of thousands of pounds of pollution to our air, soil and water. EPA and the US Department of Energy are helping new and retrofitted laboratories cut their energy costs and reduce environmental damage. The goal is to create energy self-sufficiency for all EPA labs, modeling these savings for other science labs throughout the country.

Goal / Mission

The goal of Labs21 is to create environmental showcase laboratories that take a "whole-building" approach to laboratory design.

Results / Accomplishments

More than a dozen corporations, universities, and government agencies that have already become Labs21 Partners. These organizations have voluntarily agreed to apply sustainable design and management strategies to a specific laboratory project. In exchange for this commitment, the Labs21 program offers national recognition, as well as the opportunity for technical assistance and other benefits.

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