The Isles Career Center

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This practice has been Archived and is no longer maintained.


The Isles Career Center provides a tough, but caring, peer-based setting for young adults (ages 16-24) seeking education, training, career counseling, and job and higher education placement. Trainees spend half of their day in academic classes and the other half developing vocations, including construction, landscaping, and surveying. A satellite school of the Trenton school district, the Center also includes life skills and leadership training, individualized counseling and case management, and a savings program that matches participant savings and provides financial literacy education.

Goal / Mission

Isles, Inc., is a nationally recognized nonprofit community development and environmental organization with the mission to foster more self-reliant families in healthy, sustainable communities.

Results / Accomplishments

The Career Center is the only facility in the area that helps young adults transition from the juvenile justice system to productive community life. After graduation, many of Career Center participants are either employed in full-time, living-wage jobs, or enrolled in continuing education programs. Within their communities, these individuals serve as much-needed role models of self-sufficiency and positive change. Each class rehabilitates at least one abandoned home in Trenton each year.

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