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Social Compact is a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of business leaders from across the country committed to promoting successful investment in lower income communities. Working in close partnership with community and corporate leaders over the past decade and a half, Social Compact has pioneered the DrillDown, a methodology to analyze inner city markets and create accurate, business oriented profiles of emerging neighborhood markets. Drawing on business disciplines and community strength, these DrillDown profiles have a strong track record of catalyzing sustainable, private investment, benefiting communities and businesses alike. Social Compact is able to statistically capture the real-life picture of a community's economic health, and identify and quantify opportunities in areas traditionally overlooked and underserved by businesses, financial establishments, and other services. Social Compact's reports, and the investment that often follows, can catalyze the redefinition of a neighborhood's business profile, create jobs, bolster the tax base, improve the availability of goods, and help create better-served, healthier, and safer neighborhoods.

Goal / Mission

The goal of this program is to promote investments in underserved urban neighborhoods.

Results / Accomplishments

Social Compact has performed its DrillDown analysis in more than 400 diverse neighborhoods
across the country in 20 cities. These analyses have demonstrated that DrillDown neighborhoods are more populous and have greater buying power than census estimates project. Cumulatively, Social Compact has identified 350,000 more households, 1.25 million more residents, and an aggregate household income $35 billion (22%) higher than census trend projections.

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