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Developed by Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Inc. (OIC), the Quantum Opportunity Program (QOP) is a youth development program for socio-economically disadvantaged youth. Using a comprehensive case management approach, the program provides year-round services to youth throughout the four years of high school. Participants, who are called "associates," engage in 250 hours of activity in each of three areas every year: education, development, and community service. Associates are provided financial incentives, through stipends and bonuses, for participating in QOP activities.

Goal / Mission

The program's main goal is to improve academic deficiencies. A secondary emphasis is to establish meaningful, long-term relationships between the participants and program Coordinators. Finally, the program encourages involvement and commitment to school and community.

Results / Accomplishments

Compared with the control group, Hahn et al. (1994) found that:

- There were no significant program effects after only one year
- By the second year of the program, the average test scores for Associates were significantly higher in five of eleven academic and functional areas: vocabulary, comprehension, mathematics computation, mathematics concepts, and language expression
- By the end of the program in 1993, average group scores were significantly higher in all eleven areas

Hahn (1999) reports that compared to the control group:

- Associates were significantly more likely to graduate from high school (63 percent vs. 42 percent)
- Associates were significantly more likely to be in postsecondary school (42 percent vs. 16 percent)
- Associates were significantly less likely to be high school dropouts (23 percent vs. 50 percent )
- Associates were less likely to have children (24 percent vs. 38 percent )

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Sep 2002
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