Team Accelerated Instruction: Math

A Good Idea


The Team-Accelerated Instruction: Math program (TAI) incorporates cooperative learning and individualized instruction in math education. TAI allows children to progress on an individual basis, and it teaches cooperation by forming teams of students who can help each other to achieve team goals. TAI combines interactive instruction by teachers with cooperative team learning to accelerate the achievement of all students, maximize teaching and learning time, enhance student motivation and positive attitudes toward math, and improve students' social interactions.

Goal / Mission

The goal of this program is to help students achieve in mathematics.

Results / Accomplishments

lthough the results of the program have been mixed, program evaluations indicate that TAI students have experienced some improvements in their math skills when compared with control group students.

Results from Slavin et al. (1984) and Slavin and Karweit (1985) suggest that TAI may be more effective at improving students' scores in Mathematics Computation than in Concepts & Applications.

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