The Hundred Year Association of New York Municipal Awards Program

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The Hundred Year Association of New York is comprised of over 300 companies and not-for-profit organizations that have been in existence for more than a century and operate in New York City. The Association recognizes public service by corporate public leaders, superior performance and public service by career New York City employees, and acknowledges academic excellence and community service by children of City employees with financial need. The Hundred Year Association supports activities aimed at preserving and telling the rich and diverse history of New York City's private and public institutions. It also provides services which assist member organizations in communicating to the public their history and contributions to the education, cultural and civic affairs of New York City.

Goal / Mission

The goal of this program is to recognize and reward outstanding public service, academic excellence, and community service.

Results / Accomplishments

Results of the program include the following:

- $257,000 awarded to nearly 200 people in recognition of outstanding public service.
- 135 sons & daughters of civil servants received scholarship aid to assist in furthering college education since 1971.
- Private corporations and organizations have provided $78,000 in awards since 1993 .
- The Mayor of New York City has personally distributed awards since inception of awards program nearly 40 years ago.

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