Interfaith Housing of Western Maryland

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Interfaith Housing Alliance builds houses that they offer for sale and for rent to lower-income people. They also make it possible for families to build their own homes and they collaborate with other non-profits to build a wide range of solutions including shelters. Among the programs that Interfaith Housing operates is the Mutual Self-Help Housing program supported with funds from USDA. Under this sweat equity program, five to six families work together to build a house for each family. Interfaith Housing provides construction supervision and helps arrange low-interest mortgages for these new homeowners. Participating families receive budget and home maintenance counseling prior to the project's completion.

Goal / Mission

Interfaith Housing Alliance strengthens families, builds communities and promotes human dignity and economic justice by providing decent, affordable housing for those with lower incomes. Through education, advocacy and the creation of new jobs, they foster economic growth and overcome the effects of shelter poverty.

Results / Accomplishments

Interfaith Housing of Western Maryland, in operation since 1992, has developed 39 projects of more than 600 housing units that provide housing for a five-county area in the state. Another 400 units are under construction. 140 units have been built under the Mutual Self-Help Housing program. In addition, Interfaith has developed three transitional housing shelters owned and operated by organizations with expertise in providing support services to families moving toward self-sufficiency.

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Jim Upchurch
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Interfaith Housing Alliance, Inc
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Sep 2003
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